About Siouxline - Kennel Club Assured Breeder

  Sue Ergis & Siouxline Dachshund  

First and foremost my dogs are much loved and give me an enormous amount of pleasure both in and out of the show ring. I live in a lovely area of Weymouth with many county and beach walks nearby.

My puppies are reared in the home so they are use to all the household noises (i.e. TV, washing machine, vacuum cleaner etc) They are also use to cats as I have four who all live indoors and have free roaming of the ground floor. Pups are regularly wormed and well socialised and traained to newspaper when they leave me.

Siouxline Pups  

All my dogs are DNA tested for PRA Cord 1 mutation and several are now hereditary clear

My stud dogs have fantasic temperaments which I have found are passed on to many of their progeny. They are all PRA Cord 1 clear.

I judge within the Hound Group at Championship level and have judged Basset Hounds Miniature Smooth Dachshunds at Crufts.

I am currentlyVice-President of the South of England Basset Hound Club also Vice-President of Poole Canine Club. I am a Committee Member of the Ladies Kennel Association and the Southern Dachshund Association also an Associate Member of the Kennel Club.

My interests outside of dogs are copious amounts of gardening due to a large garden to care for. Also Church activities and enjoying my beautiful Grandchildren








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