The Photo Gallery

Here are just a few of the Siouxline Kennel standing up and, on occasion, running in front of the camera.


Ch.Siouxline Angelina

Siouxline April FOlly

Ch Siouxline April Folly JW BOB Crufts 2014
Watch the Group Judging here -Group Judging

Willowheath Silver Charm

Ch Siouxline April Folly winning the Juniour Warrent Competition at Crufts 2012

Siouxline Aurora

Ch. Siouxline Aurora JW - BOB Crufts 2016

Siouxline Evangalina

Siouxline Evangelina - 2 CCs 2 Res.CCs JW.Sh.CM.

Ch Siouxline Indigo and Ch Siouxline Issac

Ch.Siouxline Isaac JW.ShCM and Ch.Siouxline Indigo JW.Sh.CM

Siouxline Isabella

Siouxline Isabella - 1 CC 4 Res.CCs JW.Sh.CM

Siouxline Levi

Australian Ch. & UK Ch. Siouxline Levi JW


Ch Siouxline MaverickSiouxline Maverick

Ch Siouxline Maverick.JW.Sh.CM


Siouxline Thomas

Ch. and Irish Ch.Siouxline Thomas JW.Sh.CM

Siouxline Thomasina

Ch. Siouxline Thomasina JW.

Siouxline Timon

Siouxline Timon

Siouxline Zebedee

Ch Siouxline Zebedee JW. 3 CCs won as a puppy. Top Puppy 2012.

Brinia Stunning Sophia for Siouxline

Ch Bronia Stunning Sophia for Siouxline JW.Sh.CM.

Siouxline Alliance with Melriding

Ch Siouxline Alliance with Melriding JW. (Owned in partnership with Di Melbourne)

Ch Siouxline Flynn Rider

Ch Siouxline Flynn Rider Top Puppy 2014, Top Male 2015

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